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Just as words can be used to tell stories and send messages, so can photography and videography. And although just about anyone can pick up a pen and start writing, or pick up a camera and start shooting, there’s no guarantee that the stories told with those tools will be effective or meaningful enough to matter. And we believe that visuals alone can create a permanent impact on the hearts and minds of the people who see them. The right exposure and the right focus can turn the right vision into the reality that you want in a flash!

A camera can provide photos and videos, sure, but with our cameras we seek to provide great content, great stories, and a great experience to help develop your vision — for yourself, for your family, for your project, or for your brand. Contact us right now to set up a shoot with us!


Aesthetic is first impression. Aesthetic is a mood. Aesthetic is personality. In a world that allows more opportunity for yourself, your vision, and your artistry to be seen, why not put your best foot forward. Quality visuals capture attention and speak more than a thousand words. Lets take your visuals to the next level. Let RS service your editing needs today and in the future.


"Please direct your attention to the electronic brain Univac!”

Fortunately we’ve come a long way since the U.S.’s first commercial computer. We’ve come so far in fact that anyone could create a website today. The question is, do you have both the time and the patience to do it yourself? Just building the website can be a lot to take on let alone dealing with search engine optimization as well. There’s definitely no judgement here if you answered no to that question, so long as you don’t let your plans of creating the perfect website to represent your business or brand just sit on the shelf. Let us take that off your mind! Hit us up for a free consultation and quote on building a website and/or SEO from one of our trained web designers. 


We’ve all heard the time-worn adage, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Those sentiments couldn’t echo any truer than they do today. Everyone has a platform and the opportunity to be heard. At REBELLIOUSOCIETY, we know, you may not always know exactly what to say but you know what point you want to get across. Let us give added credence to your voice and help you find the words that resonate, as they should. Because a be-you-tifull mind, is a terrible thing to waste!


Bombastic, in your face, over the top, crispy crispy crispy engineering made to order. With 10 years experience across our engineering team, we know all the ins and outs of our Digital Audio Workstations to perfect the sound you need to make your next project a hit. We offer Mixing and Mastering services for all genres and works of art, as well as 3 free revisions per track. We can mix ya vocals, ya beats, and ya hopes and ya dreams. Word? Word.

Ask us about Podcast Editing as well! Podcasts are great platforms that allow freedom of expression to ring through audial sound waves. You can talk about things millennial. You can talk about societal norms. You can take a stand. You can create change. Let us help foster your wonderful creative platform and bring out the best quality, with our podcast editing services. Focus on the creating, and we will take care of the rest.


There is something magical about creating. Taking a thought from an intangible imperceptible collection of chaotic wavelengths, to physical form. Some would say it’s divine even. Vision: many of us, are blessed with the gift but we may not have the necessary vehicle or tools to manifest it into physical form. You don’t need to be an artist to create a masterpiece but you do need to know the right people. We, are your right people. Whether it’s for your upcoming EP, album or you just want something to spruce up your abode and make it more homely. We are the resource for all your graphics and art needs. Contact REBELLIOUSOCIETY for your graphic designs, today!

You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For

We’re flexible, fast learners, and know plenty of genuine and talented people. If there’s anything you need that you don’t see listed here don’t be afraid to contact us and ask about it anyways! We’ll do our best to get what you need, even if it means connecting you with someone in our network!