REBELLIOUSOCIETY began as a two person operation — founded in 2013 by Adrian Peace and ‘Jviiisuals’, now independent videographer/director/editor, under the name RWC (Rebel World Changers). The name was changed in 2014 and REBELLIOUSOCIETY — sometimes referred to as, “RS” — gained a new member in long-time friend ‘Tre Linno’ (now independent popular underground rap artist). The movement began as a way to inspire other like-minded individuals, essentially, to get up and do something to make someone’s life better with the gifts we’ve been given. What started as a small movement with just a couple hip hop artists and a videographer quickly gained the support of various friends, family and locals and has now become a media company with a similar but evolved purpose.

We are rebels with a cause: to set a new standard, to create lasting impact, and improve the lives of others through self-expression in whatever form it may take.