"Who am I? That’s a long story to tell...

Music, it’s the glue of life. At least, when it comes to my life and the impact it has meant to me.  Successes, failures, aspirations, shortcomings, hope and fears. With music, you can experience all of them, authentically. If you are feeling something, chances are, there’s a least one person in the world who has shared a similar experience. When an experience is given a voice thats when they resonate. Music, connects us in ways other things can’t. Allows us to say and reveal things in a different, sometimes more intimate way. Anyone who has experienced that feeling of hearing their “favorite song” come on and turning up to sing along and/or dance to, knows these words to be true: Music connects the mind, body and soul. Glue. To give a little context. I have a tattoo sleeve (it’s pretty cool, I might add) at the center of the tattoo, is my actual heart with a heart over it. The meaning, obvious, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Where I’ve come from, is the foundation for where I am headed. I’m not ever going to try put on some image or represent myself any differently, fundamentally, as an artist than who I am as a person. The art, isn't the man. It’s a representation of the connections and experiences that made the man. This isn’t a work of fiction. This is me. This is my story. I love life. I love to create. I love music... Music, similar to life is a journey. Like you, I am a traveller. Journey with me. Let’s go, together. We are much stronger, that way. My name is Martey (pronounced Mar-TAY)