"Who is C Mayz? A guy that is talented, but has lack of confidence and self-doubt. That is exactly what I faced for so many years. On top of getting picked on for wanting to make good grades and be the English teachers pet, I fought the voices in my head. Voices echoing - constantly on repeat saying exactly what everybody else would say to me: You can't do this. You can't wear your heart on your sleeve. Wake up, this is reality. Do you know how many people sing and write? You won't make it. Give up. Those things consistently weighed on my mind and heart.

I would listen to the voices knowing deep inside I have something special. I would drift away from my inner compass and try to fit in. I just wanted life to be easy on me, and not be the odd man out, but for some reason I found myself right back in the music, writing poetry and short stories. Anytime I got my heart broken, or I was frustrated because I was bullied or had a loss in the family, I would turn to writing and music.

Music is something near and dear to my heart. When I write I put my heart, mind, and soul into every piece. I write for expression, for the love, for the broken. I write to empower. I write to inspire. I write to liberate. I write to connect. I write to change. I sing to deliver all those things I write for and because melodies and hooks can touch much deeper and linger on a person's mind for the rest of their lives. I sing because it is my God-given gift and I am not going to bury it.

Who is C Mayz? A guy that has overcome lack of confidence and self-doubt. For years that is what I faced and from time to time, the demons do creep in, I have to fight them off. I am a guy from Fort Worth, TX, who never really had much but words in my heart and an ability to sing. They say in order to truly know a person, look at their heart. Soon I will be giving a piece of my heart in my upcoming album 'Simplicity at its Finest'. Be on the watch, I really want you to know C Mayz. This is only the introduction."