Simplicity At Its Finest is the debut album of REBELLIOUSOCIETY artist C Mayz. It holds 12 tracks — each creating vivid and stimulating, transportive and well directed scenes — that altogether form a story about learning from heartbreak and observations made of the world, and trying to make something out of it all. It’s the story of a man teaching a boy, a boy becoming a man; a story of someone falling in love, learning that love is sometimes lost, and gaining the courage to find love again.

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There’s hardly anything in life that can be more complex than love and matters of the heart. However there’s a beautiful duality to all things that makes true the observation that the most complicated things can actually be the simplest. Regardless, there’s a tremendous amount of beauty and utility in simplicity. Although this album is like a play made up of elaborate acts such as the tracks Can’t Wait, Filters, 13, and Her Remedy the music is put together and presented in a way that seems effortless enough to call it, simplicity at its finest.

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Adrian Peace