3 years ago, I released my debut album, an EP titled EDEN. It was a pivotal moment in my life that brought about many great opportunities, relationships, and solidified the idea in my mind that whatever I do with my life it must include creating music. I plan on being very rich one day, but I don't care one way or the other whether music is my avenue to getting there. REBELLIOUSOCIETY is about more than music and as long as it lives it will continue to expand and evolve.

My goal when making music is simply to tell my truth through the lyrics -- the words, delivery, metaphors, dichotomies, stories, etc. I just want to tell my truth in hopes that it evokes feelings in the listener that helps them to find some truth that can be applied to their own lives. I want my music to be food for the mind and the soul. Sometimes that comes in the form of saying something comical or satirical, or saying something highly relatable, or telling an intriguing and thought provoking story.

With NDC I just made what felt right -- half knowing and half hoping that if it's real, and it feels right, then people will enjoy it and support it. NDC is me saying here is my mind, my heart, my truth. You don't have to believe it, or understand it, or agree with it, but here it is. I ask that as you listen you not only hear what's being said on the surface, but instead hear the overall message. My music is essentially a musical exposé on human nature and the state of society in the world we live in today as seen through my eyes, but told in a way that I'm sure will be relatable to you and others as there is more that connects us than there is that separates us.

Listen to the Nü DVNCI Code now and follow me on Instagram @adriiianpeace or Facebook (Adrian Peace) and let me know what you think about it!


Art: Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci 

Album Art Design by JviiisualsPro

Special thanks to everyone involved in helping to make this project come to life! Monty on production, Jviiisuals on the album art and Liiit Music Video, C Mayz for his 2 features and help in directing the album! Also to everyone else for their support and advice: Baker, Martey, Nick, and all of my family! And still I owe thanks, lastly to all of you who encourage me to keep going by listening, commenting, and sharing the music and the movement!

Adrian Peace