"To find a place where time doesn’t exist — maybe that’s my ultimate goal. To make one song, one film, design one piece of clothing, or just create one of those moments with someone that seems to just stop time. It’s like the quest for the “divine move.” Something I seem to do with everything I create — and sometimes not at all intentionally — is depict both black and white, both yin and yang. I think life is just a bunch of contradictions and dichotomies that come together to make perfect sense despite making no sense at all. It’s the same with art for me. I aim to create something so beautifully complex yet beautifully simple that the audience experiences every emotion within their range, or maybe even discovers feelings or thoughts they didn’t know were in their range. Maybe through my work, that range expands. The highest achievement would be for someone to have an experience through my art that leaves them changed. I’ve listened to songs and felt so inspired or so awake afterward that I just don’t feel the same. I want to do that for people, and I want to say all the things that I feel need to be said whether people want to hear them or not.

I was born and raised in Denton, Tx. I started singing at a young age, encouraged by family (my mom sings, her dad sings, and my dad was a b-boy so music was a big part of everyday life) and around the same time I discovered a passion for writing stories which later became a passion for writing music. I don't think I would've gotten as much into hip hop if it weren't for me starting to dance. That's when I truly realized how powerful hip hop was, that it could make people move like that. I've always felt like somewhat of a misfit and an underdog. I feel like I was destined to found RS and carry out this mission. It's all about the art and the people for me, and living life as true to the self you've found and the principles you've set for yourself as possible."